Have you realised that the happy snap you currently use, just isn’t professional enough? Perhaps your head shot is simply outdated and a more current, contemporary ‘You’ needs to be portrayed?

Maybe you’re not using a head shot, hoping that your company logo and info will suffice?

A quality, professional head shot is one of the key tools you can use in marketing both yourself and your business. A good head shot enables your clients to get a feel for who you are and establish a connection. They’re more likely to place their trust & business in your hands, if you reflect an image they identify with.

Now I know that clients can’t assume your credentials from a photo… but in an even-playing field, if both you and a competitor offer similar experience, qualifications and pricing, who do you think the client will choose; the professional who has taken the time to impress and introduce themselves with a commanding and personable photo… or the one that hasn’t?

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As professional headshot photographers, Lucid Photography offers sessions on location, at your office/premises, or in an urban environment you prefer.

We allow plenty of time to capture the perfect image that reflects your character and business, with each ordered image benefiting from our pro retouch service, so that you appear relaxed and refreshed.

Digital files are delivered in both high and low resolution – suitable for print and the web. Call Lucid Photography on 1300 911 656  to make an inquiry or book your session today… Gain that professional edge.