Corporate re-branding for Trilby Misso

The marketing brief was very specific; capture images that show the caring, human side of staff at Trilby Misso… we’re not about the image, we’re all about our clients.

Recently, I was commissioned by prominent Brisbane law firm, Trilby Misso, to capture new corporate head shots for their Brisbane and Robina offices. They also wanted me to create ‘hero’ shots, that reflected their ‘we care’ approach to interacting with clients, that could be used in national marketing campaigns. They wanted images that resonated with the every day person, consciously stepping away from the ‘high brow lawyer’ stereotype.  I met with the marketing team, website designers and copy writers, so that we were all on the same page and congruent in our approach.

Over two days, we shot on location at their City and Robina offices, allowing me the opportunity to connect with lawyers, partners and personnel who were down to earth, relaxed and personable… they lived up to their brand.

I used portable studio lighting with light modifiers, designed to capture warm, connected and intimate images… the opposite of stock photography. The head shots, whilst still engaging, were kept clean and simple, deep etched to a pure white background, so we could also use them as Bio thumbnails for the website.

Here are a few of my favorite ‘Hero’ shots, and a few of the individual head and full body shots too. I captured images for over 60 personnel over the two days, so a few too many to share here, but these will give you a good idea.